Documentaries and Social Justice is about just that…each post reviews a documentary about a social justice issue. There are many important social justice issues, so the topics vary. But every post has one thing in common, because every post ends with ideas for actions each of us can take to work toward social justice.

In 2017, the author of Docs and Social Justice (Sarah) decided to find a creative outlet for her activism, beyond the actions she takes on a regular basis. This blog is the result.

While reading this blog, please note that Sarah is a white, straight, middle class woman who was born in the United States, and thus her perspective comes from a place of privilege. While Sarah works to continuously check her privilege, she recognizes that she is not perfect. For this reason, she welcomes constructive feedback.

Sarah also welcomes ideas on documentaries to review and social justice actions to take. Please consider submitting ideas on the “contact” page.

This page has only one rule – be respectful. Even in disagreements and anger, respect is a key tenant of social justice.